Does Sleep Time Influence Your Digestion?

Does Sleep Time Influence Your Digestion?

Do you sleep enough? I am one of those people who mostly don’t sleep the requested eight hour daily. I try my best but over and over find myself short on my sleep time. I am a mother of three boys, working as a financial planner and volunteering in different programs, which is the cause [...]

The mind and the body are actually a single system. We are constantly learning more about how our mental health affects our physical health. How does mental and spiritual health affect your physical health? Often, negative events in our lives can have disastrous consequences for our physical health. How many times has an emotional moment [...]

What’s the easiest summer weight-loss plan? It’s going vegetarian. According to a recent study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, vegetarians weigh 4 to 20 percent less than meat eaters. And another new study may reveal one reason why: People who regularly include beans in their diet are, on average, nearly 7 pounds lighter than [...]

As I was walking between the aisles of the store and I felt really thirsty I walked to the aisle where the drinks are to pick up a bottle of water. I am a big drinker (ok don’t take me wrong, not on alcoholic beverages) but I drink a lot. I mostly drink water or [...]

Instead of having just three big meals a day we should aim to have 5 smaller meals. Experts say that you should nibble throughout the day. But if you go overboard on snacks you’ll blow your daily calorie budget. Throughout the day there are three times when snacking can go awry and learning how to [...]