Biggest Loser Week

Biggest Loser Week

Dealing with the up''s and down''s of weightloss

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Biggest Loser WeekBy Emma on May 29, 2009

So here I am a week entirely dedicated for myself and enjoying exercise. (between drop offs and pickups for the kids and making breakfast lunch and dinner).6:30 am to the exercise club- 50 min cardio (elliptical, stairclimber, rowing machine) 35 min weight machinesHome- make breakfast for the kids take them to school

11 am -30 min swim 15 min in the sauna

PM 1 hour recumbant bikeOne afternoon I went to the spa. The only mistake I made was going for a hike in the rain up a steep hill. I could barely get down it was soooo slippery, I was grabbing on to trees all the way down.The upside I was exhausted every night and slept well. The downside I overdid it, and did not lose any weight. I think my mistake was I didn’t increase my intake of food enough. Oh well. I was hoping for one of those double digit weeks you see on tv. Still it was worth it and I believe in my self more now

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