Weight Loss Study

Weight Loss Study

At the beginning of a diet, it’s easy to withstand various temptations, but, with the passing of days, delights like chocolate, cheese and wine are true objects of desire.

For those who are identified with this scene, some research bring hopes. The information is from British newspaper the Daily Mail. Here are some foods that, when consumed in moderation, may even be beneficial to his regime.

Red wine

American scientists have identified a component in red wine that can help in weight loss. Called piceatanol, it can slow down the growth of fat cells, changing the way in which they develop. Typically you need ten days remaining until they reach maturity, and, once arriving at this stage, it becomes more difficult to eliminate them with diet or exercises. However, when the piceatanol falls into the blood, fat cells are prevented from maturing. Scientists believe that if isolate this component, it can also be used in antiobesidade remedies. Nothing but exaggerations: a glass per day is enough to cause the effect.


Take food spicy foods-including the curry-is one of the first steps of who’s diet. But Canadian researchers have discovered that a component found in pepper can boost fat burning and curb the appetite. This is because capsaicin, the chemical present in chilli, Cayenne and paprika cause some foods eaten are transformed into heat-this means burn more calories, rather than store it. It was also discovered that the pepper can reduce the appetite. Therefore, it would be important to include in a breakfast omelette, spicy or sweet spice then consume his at the end of the day, in any dish prepared with curry.

Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts

Nutrition experts believe that this type of food may be a good diet is requested. Research shows that people that children frequently nuts tend to be leaner than those who don’t. One study showed that a group of 15 people with normal weight who added 500 calories of peanuts to their daily feeding routine demonstrated consume less of in subsequent meals. They also have accelerated their metabolism at 11%, burning more calories – even when they were relaxing. Researchers at the University of Barcelona explained that this is because food stimulates the hormone serotonin, which increases the feeling of happiness, decreases appetite and improves heart health

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a bad reputation because it is rich in saturated fat. But studies suggest that their fatty acids may decrease the risk of heart disease and help in losing weight because the body burns these acids faster than other types of fat. To include it in the diet, just use it in place of butter or other unhealthy oils.


Studies show that, contrary to what the restrictive diets dictate, the cheese can rather help in weight loss-especially in the region of the abdomen. Cheese contains protein, which brings the feeling of satiety faster. Scientists believe that the calcium present in food also helps the body to burn fat. The best cheeses, in this case, are the Feta or Edam, because it has less fat, but keep yourself distant from more creamy as Camembert.


Despite the fact that it is loaded with calories, the bittersweet chocolate contains antioxidants and ingredients and ingredients such as Bioflavonoids that scientists believe are factors that contribute to weight loss. A study done at the University of California showed that people who eat chocolate regularly tend to be leaner than those who don’t. They also are less likely to suffer from diseases or heart attacks. Choose the bitter version with higher percentage of cocoa-around 70%-who have the important nutrients and helps reduce appetite.

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