The symptoms of eczema.

The symptoms of eczema.

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What ever causes your Eczema, it leads to itching and redness, and may

make the skin dry and flaky. Sometimes, itchy blisters form. When these

burst, or when scratching damages the skin, the surface may be left moist

The Symptoms of Eczema Can Change with Age

Infants may develop red bumps or flaky, crusted rashes on the face,

scalp, diaper area, hands, arms, feet, or legs. Often, the Eczema clears

up by age 3 or 4, though it commonly recurs. In older children and adults,

the rash often around the upper arms, the bend of the elbows, and behind

With Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), the problem is worst in the folds of

the skin where your limbs bend. In older children and adults, the rash

often occurs on the upper arms, the bend of the elbows, and behind the

an extra fold of skin beneath the lower eyelid;

a greater than average number of lines on the palm of the hand; and

skin infections, particularly with Staphylococcus Aureus.

Allergens, the Weather and Stress causing Eczema Flare-ups

People with Eczema often have allergies. Expose to these allergies

often results in worsening of their Eczema symptoms. Common allergens

include animal hair/fur, pollens, moulds, dust mites, and in some cases

Other substances likely to cause allergy type flare-ups include various

chemicals or detergents, fragrances, or scratchy fabrics, such as wool.

Stress and changes in temperature have also been shown to induce

Why Does Eczema Itch? � Scratching Only Makes it Worse !

When those with Eczema are exposed to a triggering substance to which

they are sensitive, inflammation-producing cells travel to the skin and

release chemicals that cause itching and redness. Scratching should be

avoided as it only makes the symptoms worse.

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