Lifeforce Intl. Business Testimonials

Lifeforce Intl. Business Testimonials

“My husband and I were previously with another nutritional company for almost five years. During that time, we worked very hard to develop a consistent stream of income, but we just couldn’t make it happen. I had quit my full-time corporate job to try to build that business, and I was at the point of going back into the corporate world when we learned about Life Force.

When we saw the simplicity of the compensation plan, including the high payout to members, we were impressed. We could see that it could truly duplicate as there was no product inventory required or high-maintenance volumes required to get paid overrides. I really did not want to go back to the daily grind of a job, and my husband and I still had that dream of residual income in our minds, so we decided to give network marketing another try.

We are so glad we did. Because of a health challenge I was faced with right after we decided to build a Life Force business, I was only able to work part-time. And the exciting thing about it is that I was still able to develop a consistent income of $500, then $600, then $800 and up to $1,000 per month in the first year. We have now been building our organization for about 1.5 years and we are receiving consistent residual income of over $2,000 per month. This is allowing us to pay off medical bills and other credit card debt we accrued while trying to build the other business. We’re excited to be a part of this great company and are excited to see the possibilities of our income doubling and even tripling in the next year. Our goal is to make $8,000 per month. Then my husband has agreed to sell his landscaping design company here in California. That will be a wonderful day when we no longer have the headaches of owning a company that requires constant supervision!”


“My journey in the health and wellness field began three years ago. My health improved drastically with Body Balance. Our entire family is getting awesome results! My husband is currently serving our country in Iraq and he’s very health conscious, so I’m thankful that he is still able to receive his shipments of Life Force products.

I work full time, and although I can’t wait to be able to walk away from the cycle of trading my time for money, it is a great source of contacts for networking. Whether it’s during lunchtime or a break, I always find time to share the Life Force opportunity.

My focus was on contacting two new people every day and helping my partners reach their goals. Not only did two of my partners reach ranks of Silver and Bronze, I was also able to help my sponsor achieve her goal for Gold. My commitment to those actions allowed me to reach my goal. I feel so blessed to have great partners to work with. The Inner Game training has proven to be invaluable by helping me understand the importance of commitment and discipline. I’m putting into practice how to create my own circumstances.

I’m very excited about reaching the levels of Platinum and Diamond, because that means I’m helping to change many lives for the better. Our team model and life-changing products are two of the main reasons that Life Force is an unparalleled opportunity within the wellness industry. It makes me so happy to see that others are receiving the precious gifts of health and wealth.”

CARLA MASON Jefferson City, MO

“Another nutrition-product company left us financially devastated – $20,000 in debt. We knew we needed to get off the ground with our Life Force business immediately to get our products paid for with an additional $500.00 each month to meet our loan payments. We did that in five months!”


“When I was introduced to Life Force, I saw the dynamite duo of life-changing products plus a powerful business opportunity. I have continued to have sustained, ongoing health benefits. I am finding that as I share Life Force with others, they see the benefits of liquid nutrition and the simplicity in which the products are taken and the business shared. What a grand opportunity to make a difference in so many lives including our own.”

PAT LANGE Valley Center, KS

“I was not very serious about my Life Force business for a long time. There were many other distractions, and regaining my health was my first concern. However, I have recently become more focused on the business and am working hard. My business is now going great! I ranked Gold in January, and am working toward my next goal of becoming Platinum.

Life Force has changed my life dramatically, with awesome health results and an amazing business. I am grateful every day for my many blessings. Two of those are the Life Force products and the Life Force business!”

LESA LEIGERS Jefferson City, MO